Friday, 19 September 2014

Top 5 Mistakes Made When Applying For Employment Based Immigration

Employment based immigration lawyer
Immigration is definitely the most difficult and complex fields of law, one which requires a lot of efforts not only from the side of person who wants immigration but also from the side of the immigration lawyer. There are several types of immigrations including family based immigration, employment based immigration, asylum based immigration and others. But in either of the categories, there are some mistakes which most people tend to make and hence threaten their chances of getting the desired immigration. Infact, when it comes to employment based immigration; these mistakes are even more common.

The following are the top 5 common mistakes made when applying for employment based immigration:

1) Missing documents
Anyone who has ever applied for immigration would agree that the missing of certain documents and lack of certain paperwork is the most common mistake made during the application or filing process.  The employment based immigration is very strict and requires candidates to send all of the documents which are mentioned or asked for by the concerned authorities.  Not only should these documents have to be sent, they have to have the right format and information as well.

2) Not filling the forms properly
Another common mistake made when filing for the employment based immigration is not filling out all the forms properly.  When filling the forms, it is very important to first read out all the guidelines and only then fill the form.  Moreover, the information should be absolutely correct and honest.  If there is an error found in any form or information, the application can be totally rejected. Make sure you get your paperwork checked by your employment based immigration lawyer before submitting the forms.

3) Choosing the wrong visa office
Another common mistake which most people tend to make while applying for employment based immigration is choosing the wrong visa office.  If the application is not sent to the right office, it most probably would be sent back to you, thus delaying the visa process. 

4) Wrong National Occupational classification(NOC) code
It is very important to write in the correct NOC code for the job that is being offered and the jobs at which the candidate has had previous working experience.  But it is a common occurrence that people may get confused and enter the wrong codes. This can be a costly mistake and would lead to rejection of the application.

5) Not calculating the points properly
When applying for employment based immigration, it is important to calculate the points properly. These points include points for your qualifications, experience, skills and other things and it may sometimes get complicated to calculate them.

If you wish to avoid making any of these mistakes and make your immigration process go smoothly, then it is best to hire an employment based immigration lawyer so that you can be guided at each step. To hire immigration lawyer Washington DC now for the best results, you can visit Mark Law Immigrant and enjoy superb services.

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